More promo? Yes, more.

Someone to Cherish -- only 99 cents through October 22!
And this is cool. You can buy the book AND the recording for only $4.
actually I got that wrong. I finally checked the page and the combo is even cheaper than I thought:
 Kindle book price: 99¢
Audiobook price: $1.99
Total price: $2.98

I've been doing this for a while with other people's books--buying the cheaper (or free) Kindle copy and then heading over to audible to get the cheap audio version. It hadn't occurred to me that this cheap-o method was open to people who want my book until I found this link at addicted to thrift. 

If you hate the Zon, you can get it through Smashwords and use this coupon code RH67C  to lower the price to 99 cents at check out.  No cheap audio for you, though. Sorry.

Have we promo'd enough for the day? Yes.


Here's a picture of a pug in a costume, lifted from Funny or Die.

labeled pugkin spice latte.  

So yummy.


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