a word for that

I didn't know there were words for different sorts of arguments until I had kids and debate was included in their education. My formal education is spotty, thanks to the dirty hippies.

Anyway. I was trying to describe someone who visited forums (fora, right?) of groups he loathes just to argue with them and then is considered part of their milieu. Guilt by association I suppose. But I want a word for that sort of guy, other than troll.

My favorite example: someone my parents knew (knew about? I wish I could ask 'em)  hated communism and would go to communists' gatherings to heckle them. So when the OSS came along and marked the license plates of all the people attending the meetings, guess who got hauled in as a Commie Sympathizer? I wish I knew the whole story. I can only hope he got as much grief as my parents did back in the day. During the fifties, they and their friends got the evil eye from the gov't in part because they went to Moscow during WWII -- at the behest of the gov't.


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