Damned .... and hello! hi!

A week? What have you been doing all week?

Me? Not much. I'm reading Chuck Palahnuik's book, Damned. About four chapters in, I'm enjoying it. Four words to describe the book: obscene, funny, silly and gross.

I'm waiting for Thanksgiving stuff to start up, for all my boys to come home.

Ho, ho, ho! It's seasonal blah time. Hey, it's a real relief to understand that disliking a time of year that warms the heart of many people --> is not a sin. I do not need to watch and love Christmas movies. I don't need to worry that I'm missing some essential portion of human experience. Okay, maybe I am, but that's fine. I think because my kids are older I don't need to put on a show of a time of year that strikes a funereal chord for me. Christmas = loss, death, shredded hopes....unless I ignore it and then it's about routine, which is great.

I wrote an article for Samhain about my Christmas decorations. Yes, it was all true and for a time it made me happy to think about our decorations. But then I remembered Cathy (mentioned in the article) has died. And I've lost track of Woody (ditto). And let's not forget Mom and Dad (ditto). . . .

Maybe that's why Christmas is such a downer,  because a bunch of people I know have died or vanished or both? Damned if I know and damned if I care. I'd rather vacuum than explore My Feelings, thank you. This year's revelation: Feeling rotten is overrated. Dwelling in the past is not healthy and yeah, I know, I have more past than future, but see this year's revelation. Overrated.

Maybe I'll write another chapter. I'm only stopping by here because it seems to be about time to say hi! hello!

UPDATE: If you're depressed after reading this, go visit cake wrecks again. (You've seen it before, right?) It seems to cheer people the hell up.


  1. Hi Kate,
    I really like Thanksgiving because to my family it's about food, games and football. It's Xmas that I'm not crazy about. I used to work for a boys group home and let me assure you, the holidays were always sad if not tragic. Every movie, tv show and even the commercials are about family and gift giving -- and these boys weren't getting either (except what we could give them). Since then, the holiday season has lost it's appeal. Maybe I'll just write a chapter too.


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