Blissful ignorance

Every now and then I think it would be a good idea to get more heavily involved in various online communities. I'd learn what readers are hungry for and attract new readers to my books.

Then things like this pop up.

The only way Aleksandr could get that bent is if he spent time reading what other people said, then answering them, then reading their answers. I bet that if I tried to interact with fans and readers, I'd end up in a huff too. Or mocked or something. Maybe even (oh, God) ignored.

I kind of want to dig around, figure out who said what when and who's right and who's full of shit. Why is this person so offended? What kind of dreadful, hurtful things have people said? Why? What? Who are these people.

I probably will just scratch my head and wander off to do something else instead of getting caught up. After a few years of internet life, I've finally figured out that the whole trainwreck thing can be interesting but leaves a layer of something like scum (literal scum, not the devious underworld people). That greasy filter affecting a person's outlook feels unhealthy. Kind of like a surfeit of porn, or immoderate indulgence in any group activity like arguing, protesting or partying hardy.

Update: I couldn't help myself and got curious enough to read on (Riptide publishing was my jumping off point) But this particular post makes it clear that the issues aren't just about Aleksandr's books -- his whole life been caught in the online sludge. Ugh. I hope he tosses his computer, or at least the internet, over the deck for a while. It hasn't been his friend.

Yick. The first publicly-out generation of any non-majority group (suffragettes, gays, etc) has to live through sucky-hell.  The fact that future kids/people in his shoes will have it better probably won't help him at the moment.


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