Why do I have to keep commenting over at Shannon's place? What creates this compulsion? The smilies?

I should go haunt ferfe again.


  1. Don't make me tell you another inspy RL story. I'm a cripple, I got a million of 'em.

  2. Clearly my subliminal messages are working on you, Miskate.

    And the smilies, even though everybody and their grandmother stole WTF.

  3. It makes me ridiculously happy that you've been haunting my blog, Lynn. I do love RL stories but you hanging out makes me all mooshy enough.

    And Shannon's been exercising bizarre powers over me for years and years.

    sadly sappy, Kate

  4. I can do mooshy. Occasionally. When my cast iron ego armor is out at the cleaners. :)

    Shannon's powers are myriad fathomless. She had me when she told that adorable skunk story. Remember the adorable skunk story?

  5. There was supposed to be an and between myriad and fathomless. Bad Dragon. No cookie for you tonight.


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