sbd a day late and with navel gazing first.

I just finished another begging letter and am blithely sending it off to a potential donor. No hesitation.

So why is it so easy for me to ask for these romance unleashed prizes and yet so hard to push for my books and my friends' books? It really isn't a matter of rejection. I don't actually mind rejection much and, no, this is not a lie because otherwise I would have given up this job years ago. (Rejection's okay; it's utter silence I loathe.)

I guess I'm trying to avoid the image that I'm pushy for personal gain. And that whole clique thing of supporting fellow authors. It sometimes is an iffy thing to do.

It helps that I'm unambiguous about raising money for this cause. I've met kids with cystic fibrosis (and one of us Unleashed authors has two kids with it). CF is a stupid, horrible condition. Grrr. Go away, CF. Research through CFF isn't just looking for a cure, which would be good enough to win my work, it also has helped make quality of life better for people with CF.

Back to me being pushy ..... now for a writer I don't know. SBD:

I just read Killing Joe by Marie Treanor and it's a fun short read. I actually believed that a hit-man could be made human without turning into some sort of cream puff sanitized version of his former self. That transformation that could be more of a stretch than the same hitman was turned into a crash-test dummy.

Yeah, it's pretty clear it's the heroine and not the author who equates extreme lust for love--the moment she figures that out is obvious. Anyway, I liked the book so much, I read it and then read it again. Hey, it's short.


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