Butterflies schmutterflies flapping

The Truman show syndrome might be the ultimate expression of the ego but that doesn't mean it's a lot of fun.

Since this tiny spot on the interwebs is actually all about me me memememememememme.....

About twenty years ago, waking up from general anesthesia, I had that delusion. Those visions coming out from the ether are so much stronger than dreams...are they called hallucinations?

Anyway, for however long it took to come all the way to the surface, it was my reality. Seconds, years---didn't matter because it was entirely real, and time doesn't adjust that kind of perception.

I walked through a series of doors and, as I went through each, I knew I was watched by millions of people and, I think, other beings.

It was one of the most terrifying moment of my life--so frightening, I had trouble sleeping for weeks afterwards because I was afraid I'd land back in a universe where I actually had far too much power and influence. My existence fit something too big. I can't recall if the watchers were simple spectators? Still, the name Truman Show Syndrome was less accurate than calling it Arthur Dent syndrome.


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