my life.

Yay! I have revisions for my October 7 book.
Boo! My stomach hurts.

Yay! It's a Monk marathon.
Boo! My stomach hurts so I keep missing big chunks

Yay! The boyz are being funny and silly together., nothing bad about that.

Yay! the recording of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is excellent. FUN book.
Boo! Damn, that thing is long. On the other hand, that's hours of entertainment, eh?

Yay! Boy3 is Honk in the play in Honk Jr
Boo! He's having trouble thinking or talking about anything else. Ever. Nervous and excited. And nervous. He's singing a lot.

Yay! Honk be over in a couple of weeks.
Boo! It'll be over in a couple of weeks and then what?

Yay! Boy2 is in a play, too. Laugh-In.
Boo! Do you have any clue how out-dated that thing is? Jokes about LBJ and hippies and Ann-Margret.

Boo! My stomach hurts. I'm boring when my stomach hurts. Life is boring then.

Now I will do revisions and I will like it.


  1. What is Honk? I do remember Laugh-In. Goldie Hawne and Rowen and Martin, right? Or something like that.
    Sorry about your stomach.
    I love Monk - what a great show!
    Feel better soon!!!

  2. Yup, you remember Laugh-in. It's all over youtube. Honk is a musical retelling of the Ugly Duckling and Tom, my boy, is playing the role of the UD. A few solos and dancing and whatnot are scaring him a lot.

    My stomach is my achilles heel. Funny place for a heel, but there you are.

    How are you, btw? Better go see your blog to find out. Oh, new Monk episodes start next Friday but you guys probably won't get them for a while, right?


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