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1. There's an article in New York Magazine about Joe Scarborough. and the sub-head is "Where else could a red-meat, right-wing congressman like Joe Scarborough reinvent himself as the liberal’s favorite talk-show host?" whu?

Joe? Liberal? Liberal favorite? Huh? I wonder which liberal they found who said "Morning Joe is my favorite!" so they could write that. I hope he or she actually watches the show. I don't.
Hey but don't get me started on Mika. No, no. Really. Do not.

2. Doug has a good old-fashioned web time waster at his blog: the lol cat translation of the bible.
I thought my discovery of an un-truthy wiki send up page was good.

2a. These are Pinnacles of Civilization. They Are The Best Examples of Art for art's sake. I mean they serve no particular function and required vast amounts of time and effort. Isn't that the basis?

3. Show me more, for I am impressed by this variety of silliness. I will add links to a link repository and maybe start yet another universe of useless knowledge. Acres of 'em anyway. You can't have too many strange and esoteric, or strange and silly, or strange and obscure or just strange pages, apparently.

3a. Why find more? They make one feel better about the future of the human race.

4. My sister is the most popular woman in North America so we won't get to see her this summer.


  1. LOL cat page gave me a raging headache - not sure if it's because I was reading all of Genesis and laughed so hard I choked on my tea, or because I need a break from the computer and my eyes have decided to take it for me.
    aynewai, itz a funy paeg an ai deffittly laik it.

  2. My son is a big fan of Uncyclopedia. I imagine he'll become a contributor some day.


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