Thursday Thirteen -- getting specific in your romance preferences

.....VERY specific.

Thirteen special interest group romance blogs. For some reason a lot of group blogs with writers fail to flourish. Any theories why that is? (Mine: I suspect people think writers only use them for promo-type articles and that gets dull fast. I expect the ones like romancing the blog--which have readers as well as writers and that don't shy away from controversial topics-- do better.)

I don't read all of the blogs I listed. I comment on the ones I know, or sorta know.

1. Slip Into Something Victorian Blog: 12 Writers Unmask Victorian Romance and Adventure Definitely not just the promo. Some good stuff here.

2. Animal lovers: A group blog for romance authors who love animals and incorporate them as characters in their own right or use them as inspiration for male protagonists (or antagonists) in their book .... Seriously, that is the full name.

3. Seekerville. A group of contest junkies. Not exactly about romance reading, but definitely a niche and a fun blog.

4. Interracial romance Not really a blog. It's a board.

5. Alien romances No, not the guys looking for green card brides. (and it's almost always the dudes with green skin.) Oh, oops. I didn't grab the whole title. Here's the rest: A by-invitation group blog for busy authors of SFR, Futuristic, or Paranormal romances in which at least one protagonist is an alien, or of alien ancestry.

6. Shapeshifter Romance Just what it says. I was mentioned there once--or rather Summer was--so I love this blog.

7. Something wicked.. . . this way comes ** Paranormals, I think. Yeah, definitely.

8. Vampire Wire For people who love their blood-suckers.

9. Vampire Mystery blog. Not a group blog Oops, sorry Jill, protected static and carnacki. Not a romance blog, but it's so very specific, I had to include it. The title is precise but the blog is just fun, scary shit. The name of the blog reminds me of the neighbor's kid who used to pick something distinctive every Halloween: a princess monster kitty cat fairy child. No mistaking her for just a princess or cat or fairy.

10. The Midnight Hour More paranormal writers. There's Kathy Love. (Hi, KL! How're you?)

11. Passionate Prose. A fine group of erotic romance writers. Summer Devon is over there too. (uh..I think the lazy hussy forgot to post last time.)

12. Murder She Writes
. I suppose it's not all romance, but I know a few of those writers' names from romance groups. Does that count?

13. Bestiality Blogs Okay, not sure it qualifies as typical romance, but it is very niche.

** Here, I'll save you the googling trouble because I knew it was more than just the title of a Bradbury novel but couldn't remember more. It's Macbeth's witches: by the pricking of my thumbs/something wicked this way comes.


  1. Great list - thanks.

    Loved the Ray bradbury book - it was one of the first novels I read. I shivered all through it.

  2. Bestiality Blogs? Ew.

    If there's one catering to the NAMBLA crowd, I don't want to know about it :)

  3. Actually, Mystery of the Haunted Vampire is a group blog - it's just that Carnacki is responsible for most of the posts... Jill and I are more like supporting players.


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