is it naptime yet?

why is it so easy to stop the routines of exercise and so hard to start again?

Whilst pleading with Linda to look at a story for me, I invoked the name of Sluggard, the God of laziness. To avoid work, I went googling for a real name for him, and, of course, the Greeks have a much classier personification. I've decided to elevate him? her? to god status.

me: He's AERGIA Idleness, Laziness, Do Nothing, Sloth (Latin Socordia, Ignavia)

Linda: I'd build a shrine to him, but you know, maybe later... Feeling kind of...lazy right now...

me: Good thing, too. It’s got to be an Affront to Aergia to make any effort or create anything in his name.

And thus the truth becomes sadly clear, my move to make Aergianian worship the real deal will never work.


  1. I bow to the god of sluggards.
    Actually, I'm not lazy, but I don't have that much energy. Is there a low energy level god? Smallbattery?
    Anyhow, you asked what work I did - some publishing, but mostly translating and filling in tons and tons of fiches for a cosmetic database. (good money - hard work)

    I'm off the 29th for a month in Spain of worshipping Aergia!

  2. Anonymous7:53 AM

    How do you pronounce Aergia? I want to start batting his/her name about in my conversations. At work and at home.

  3. Bow? Ha, Sam! With all that you do you SPIT in his or her eye. Luckily he or she is too lazy to cast you down. Have fun in Spain!! I'm hoping for Vermont, soon.

    Anon, I'd look up the correct pronunciation, but ..... Maybe later. AIR-geeeeahh? Works for me.


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