promo, sort of

Summmmmmertiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime when no one reads or returns messages or works very hard, including me. Sorry. I have a revision letter that is scary. It haunts me.

Not the time to start promo, so I'll just do the link for the story, coming out October 7. Expect more jumping up and down and insisting this is a fabulous read when the weather cools a bit.

That's the one new Summer Devon title coming out this year. Two enovellas are showing up in print. One is part of an Ellora's Cave anthology of stories set around a paranormal practice and the other is part of that EC/Simon and Schuster anthology bushwa deal. I'm particularly fond of the first one because it was a collaboration and I love doing those. Bah. I can't find a link for that print book, but here's the story I wrote.

On the other hand, being shoved into a book with Shannon Stacey and Charlene Teglia? That's pretty good too.


  1. It's very exciting to be shoved into a book with you and Charli.

    Be even more exciting if...hey, I'm going to email you. *g*

  2. I'm looking forward to this book!


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