I just got a nice note about Somebody Wonderful. The writer said it was one of the best books she's read this year (she added that she meant from July to July, not the year 2008 so far.) Thanks, J.E.

The note made my day and reminded me I should keep writing drooly fan-girl letters to other rioters.

Maybe Bettie Sharpe would git off her butt and write another book if I did.


  1. *g* How can I write when I'm busy reading Elaine Corvidae's Exiles Burn? I blame you, Rothwell!

  2. I have to admit writing drooling fan letters to my favorite authors. LOL. OK, deepest dark secret is out.
    BTW - Terry Pratchett never did write back...

  3. Yeah, and it's a long book, Bettie. I was exhausted by the end of the last hair-raising adventure.

    Sam, that's a deep dark secret? Dude, you need to make up something better if you want to look even remotely wicked. I suggest something to do with bar-fights.

    Pratchett never wrote back to me, either.


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