The Fame continues

Mike's moment of noteriety isn't over yet.

He showed up in the New York Times, or so someone told him. I can't find him and, to avoid work, I've looked hard. Oh, here's a reference to it, maybe. And what is this? A detractor? Tchah. Not that anyone asked me--and he'd roll his eyes (If he read the blog)--but Mike picked something fairly benign to work on because he's got a couple of dozen kids wandering around his lab so he doesn't want anything too horrible smeared on those petri dishes. He used to do Shigella.

Back to his fame: someone from CosmoGIRL! interviewed him on Monday. Now that's pimply stardom. He protests that I can't possibly want to blog about this, but little does he know that I have absolutely nothing else to say. And really--CosmoGIRL!. But nothing might come of it, he warns. He suspects they won't quote him at all. Yet still--CosmoGIRL!.

Hey, I found this one though. Old news.

In other news, I'm 8K words into a new story while I wait for feedback on old ones. The way I figure it, if I stop writing, I'll never start again.


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