yin and yang

Up and down. Back and forth. Valentine's Day and ________....


  1. What if I don't like steak? Can I get an extra _________ . . .?

  2. And why is Steak and _____ day just for guys? Not fair.

    Guys already get some great holidays--like Superbowl Sunday (a.k.a. You Keep the Guacamole Bowl Filled While He Completely Ignores You Day), St Patrick's Day (a.k.a. You Promise Not to Get Too Mad When He Gets Sh*tfaced on Green Beer Day), and let us not forget, that mother of all guy holidays on which day random drunken women lift up their shirts for a handful of cheap plastic--Mardi Gras.

    Frankly, I think we're owed a couple more holidays.

  3. Valentine's Day and garbage pick up day.

  4. Bettie, I'm fine with Femme Steak and ______ day. I could spend hours giving ______. If I could have my way, my life would be nothing but _____, ______, with a little _______ to top things off.

    I notice Kate is remaining strangely silent.

  5. yup, because the conversation doesn't need me.

    I'm having fun playing dirty mad libs with your latest post.


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