They're Here

It's February vacation week, that random week in the middle of the long winter when the schools close down for no apparent reason. I figure it's the middle of the winter and teachers can't bear another minute of looking for lost boots or snowpants.

Today is the other big day in our schedule. The big white trucks are out front. They are in our sewers. They are sending us notices, several, actually:
construction notice sanitary sewer rehabilitation and sanitary sewer lining.
followed by a long explanation of how great it'll be when they're done. Notices include suggestions on how to respond such as fill the trap on all drains to reduce the likelihood of odors caused by the pipe lining process. In the unlikely event** that you experience this problem, please open windows until the odor disappears.

umm. It's February?
at the very bottom of all the notice, handwritten in big block letters: PLEASE LEAVE TOILET LIDS DOWN.

As soon as I figure out how to put water in a trap, we're out of here. Bye.
**updated: 30 minutes into the process and our house smells like old burnt sewage. "Unlikely" my arse. Lucky for us it's not a horribly strong smell. Yet. It seems to be making the dog sneeze continuously, or maybe she's just bored and doing that for entertainment.


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