The very best headline ever. No, really.
h/t bubblegum tate


  1. My immediate responses:

    Imagine that!


    So this is news?

  2. Okay, so my cat was lurking around my lap and I was reading your blog and then I clicked over to that headline and laughed (or should I say CRACKED UP) so loud and so suddenly that my cat JUMPED and skittered away on his old arthritic legs.

    So my cat says "thanks, invisible computer person, for almost giving me a heart attack."

    And I say: Hee hee hee ha ha snork!

  3. Just say NO to crack, or should I say the crack from your crack? Or the crack from someone else's crack?

    OK, I'll stop now...


  4. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Hagerstown Maryland! That's just up the road from my house! I'm goin' on up to the jailhouse and check out this butt head!

    Happy Birthday Boy #2. And Boy #1 too.



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