yeah, what SHE said.

What Tracy MacNish writes about the scary job of writing.
and what Laura Kinsale writes in response. Go on, read it. I declare it to be required reading for rioters.

I commented then asked TM to dump my fly-buzzing, cheery-but-brainless comments. Sometimes those are fine, but not there.


  1. I'm in a rut as well - a 'whatthefuckamIdoingthisfor' rut.
    I just got the rights back to a YA book I wrote so now I also have a previously published book to flog. And talk about flogging dead horses.

  2. yeah, flogging this sheep is even scarier than working on a contracted job. But heck, they're both down sides to a fine fun job.

    Good luck on getting your stories to the right houses and making a gazillion dollars and winning the adoration of a gazillion readers--so you have the second problem.

  3. Good advice. But the best, I think, is still the John Braine line:

    'A writer is someone who writes'


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