short whine for SBD

I needed a rush of sap and what better way to get that than Christmas stories?

Romance plus Christmas
sugar with sugar on top and a healthy sprinkle of sugar.

I was in the mood and had just read something worthwhile and therefore depressing.

But oh, Lordy, it turns out I should look at the copyright page and not just the publication date of 2007.
It happened again.
Even though other people warned us about this, I got suckered.

They slap together some old stories and call it something new. Every last one had be published previously

Damn you publishers!
Damn you for not buying my manuscripts!
Damn you for not buying new stuff from the authors I want to read!
I spit on your new covers--which, incidentally, are just as wretched as the old ones--designed to deceive us and I say faugh upon your cheap selves for recycling stories. **

The only way to regain my trust and forgiveness:
Buy one or more of my historical manuscripts. I got quite a collection of those unpubbed puppies now. Yo, I know you're trembling in fear at my wrath, and this'll get you off the hook. When do you want to look at these stories? I promise, no spit on any of their pages.

(I've been waiting for an agent to come galloping into my life and take over the selling part of my rioting job. I think that's probably as ridiculously hopeful and delusional as waiting for a new collection of new Christmas stories.)


** I added my wailing, whining review to the others, and "reprints" to the tags for the book. Maybe that will save the next poor sucker. What about the actual stories? Hey, they were okay and I don't actually remember most of them...but it's the principle of the thing, dammit.


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