Boy3's hit 11 hard and, like his brothers before him, he wishes to put some distance between me and him. The other two have already come out the other side of this dissing mom stage, so I'm not too worried. Yet I do have some lines he mayn't cross. For instance, I'm not answering to the dog's name and plain "bitch" is right out. I've said he can use my first name, and any variation of mom works, but that's not quite rude enough for him.

He needs a name for me that expresses disdain but doesn't cross my line into Trouble. Maybe some word for female parental unit in a language that sounds hostile. FPU has an obscene ring but he might not be taking suggestions from me.

Also the boys have been wondering if gay people are turned on by their own bodies. It seemed like a fair question even if it was first raised by a character on a sit-com and caused all the other characters to groan and howl.


  1. I like FPU. It might work. How about Your Highness?

  2. My son keeps asking me the most bizarre questions. When I look at him funny, he usually says, "On Family Guy......"

    Yeah and that's the gospel of our lives.

  3. Re: the question of whether gay people are turned on by their own bodies. The appropriate response IMHO is, "Everyone's turned on by his own body." If they press you on it, you shut them up with, "Well you masturbate, DON'T YOU?" with a reminder of who does their laundry.

  4. My sons called me 'Panzer Muter' which was about as much as I would tolerate.
    It does pass, as you have remarked, but that doesn't make it any easier when they hit that stage. I think any mother who can make it past the 14 - 16 yr old stage deserves some sort of medal.


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