before and after

mostly before...
BEFORE: Turns out it was really hard to to get a picture of all the hair. The mirror and the flash and stuff. And my laptop for the before? Couldn't get far enough away to get the whole picture. So there's the before.

AFTER: The laptop works, but I've completely lost interest in taking pictures of myself, so you don't get the huge numbers of shots for the after. Poor you.

Also, I think my face is in a bad mood. I didn't sleep a lot last night. If I could just get the hair, that would be good.

Later on Thirteen about One of My Favorite Authors, now it's work time.


  1. I think you look lovely! That never mattered much to my mom, though. She gets it into her head to cut her waist-length hair every ten years or so, and no matter how much I liked it (or anyone else), she always regretted it. So... what do you think of the new do?

  2. Suits you with shorter hair, very glam.

  3. I'm with Carrie. Lovely then, lovely now. How do you like the new look?

  4. I like it fine--except the long bangs/hair chunk to the side (all the fashionable stylin' people have those) is driving me bat-shit crazy already.

    It hasn't transformed my life, though, and it was SUPPOSED to do that. Jeez. It's been less than 24 hours. I'll give it another day to make Everything Better.

  5. Tracy MacNish11:53 AM

    You look beautiful. I love the cut.

  6. It looks great! Do you feel lighter?

  7. Sorry I'm not more of a yay-sayer. Except I will say: it looks TONS better and you definitely did the right thing in chopping it off. Hurrah for the chop-chop! But...

    It needs to be shorter, and more shape to it. The layering is good and your hair has that pretty-pretty body wave to it, but it needs more oomph. I think it's the length in back that's really holding it back from total fabulosity. Go have a heart-to-heart with the hairdresser, after a peptalk to yourself about how you're not timid and really want different hair, not just shorter hair.

    Yours in blunt opinionated bossiness,

  8. Beth, I wish I could drag you along to interpret oomph.

    I actually did keep saying I don't mind short! go on! cut! I can take it! but I also told the lady that she knows from face shapes and what not and that I trusted her (I did, too. I paid the big bucks to go to someone who'd done great things to other people I see at the gym...)

    She pointed out that I shouldn't go too dramatically cool because I'm a lazy bitch and don't go to the hairdresser often enough. Thus no highlights. No, she said. Not unless you promise to come back again soon because of roots.

    She added some sort of transparent layer of warmth thing too. Made it redder. The pictures suck but the shade is different. Shinier, darker, etc.

  9. and, yeah, Amie, I am 1.5 lbs lighter. I weighed myself before and after (without taking on or letting go of anything but hair before weigh-ins) My head feels less draggy.

  10. 'Snice. Good move.

  11. Wow, that's a lot of hair.

    If you're sufficiently lazy, go really short. Chris doesn't have to spend much time on hers, and I spend 0, nada, zilch on mine. Except to run the clippers over my head once a week.

    I think it looks better shorter. It looks... perkier.

  12. It looks great, Kate! If yours is like mine, it will take a day or two to 'settle' after the cut. My hair wasn't as long as yours (only waist length, and I'm short!) but I'm really glad I cut it - and a lot of people told me it made me look much younger :-) I've been doing the whole cut and colour thing every 5 weeks though - which is somewhat ouchy on the $$.

    It does, really, look good. WTG!!!

  13. easter bunny6:14 PM

    you look a lot like you did in high school, imagine how that makes me feel!

  14. Any hairdresser should know oomph, sans interpreter.

    I get highlights retouched only every 6-8 weeks, but doubt I'd do it if it wasn't also a family visit/gossip session, so I can see where the maintenance would be too much. But the color as it is in this pic so so purty and rich.

    Hm. Maybe you just need product. Like a good mousse or something? I dunno, I'm no good with product. So I still say: shorter, more shape, more oomph. You have great hair, for godsakes, you can get all that without getting all high-maintenance. Just come to Chicago so the eye-talian can have you in her clutches. It's the obvious solution.

  15. I'm so proud of you! I know how fun/scary it is to get a drastic haircut. When I cut mine (which was about 1/3 of your length) it was the first time my dh had ever seen me with short hair. It felt weird and I had a hard time getting used to it after the fun had worn off.
    Oh, and for the side bang thing, one suggestion for around the house:
    big, thick headbands. The cloth stretchy kind. Trust me grasshopper. . .
    I love it. I think it looks beautiful and I can't wait to see you in person!
    You also look VERY thin. watcha been doin sista????

  16. I like it better, too, which is odd, since I'm usually a long hair kinda guy. I especially like the second-to-the-bottom photo. The overexposed one above it scares me, though :) Why is her face glowing . . .

  17. Kate - your hair looks FABULOUS!! :) Have you ever had your hair this short before?


  18. Coming out of lurkdom to say, love the new cut. Makes you look younger and perkier, and the hair looks healthier.


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