thank you

For once it really wasn't a "tell me how much you lurve me" moment, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the notes. They're lovely. Thank you.

It is a matter of embraaaaaaaaaacing life more and that means getting off the computer more often. All the angst and worry and panic--I'm talking horrible symptoms--and I think they all add up to Turn off the computer and go look at actual members of your own species. Or maybe some other monkeys.


  1. Chica, I totally hear you.
    So stop blogging five times a day, and just post every three or four days, like lazy moi.
    But I know what you mean about gettingalife.
    I'm lucky in that all summer long, two months, I'm away from the computer. So during the winter, when I'm like, supposed to hibernate or something, I blog.
    It's better than hibernating.
    When the weather gets warm, then I get a life.

  2. Yeah, sometimes you do need to step away from the computer. Although not before posting cake recipes, right? Right?

  3. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Cousin Brian wants to know if there's anything about his cousins in the blog. He wants a cinnamon bun now. I like reading your blog, especially all your smart funny real stuff. And the leads to great sights like the one that plugged in a word into advertising jingles. I plugged in Mesopotamia. I did it for a long time instead of working. I need your email because I need to talk with you about summer plans. I could get it from Uncle A, but he's working on a song. I agree with the person before me. Maybe write less often, but I would miss it if you stopped. Brian says tell the cousins to refer to orange peels as plems. He doesn't say why. I haven't signed up on google and kind of internet unsavvy, though good at research.. so no good picture or name

    Your sister in law.

  4. Well, umm okay. I'll be here when you get back. Have fun.

  5. I just spilled coffee on your rug and I'm letting the dog sleep on the good sofa. You better come back.


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