uh oh

looks like the wrong team won at the last minute and I have to herd my very sad kiddies off to bed.
Wait, they say I gotta let them watch a couple of minutes of puppies to cheer them up. "ooo it's getting nippy out there."

Best to watch the puppy bowl with the sound down unless you've had a dose or two of mind-altering drugs.

Doug, in previous comments asks: "What's the best ebook for really kinky, raunchy sex?" He claims I know what he likes ... but in truth, I don't know from much KRS. Titles for Doug, anyone?


  1. Long, Hard Ride by Lorelei James

    Not just really great raunchy, kinky sex (a little bondage, menage, m/m and so much more!) but an honest to goodness story to go along with it.

  2. Oh, I forgot about Emma Holly. You tried her, Doug?

  3. There is a great website (yes, it is smutty, with links to other 'xxx rated' sites), but their story section has everything from soft to hard in every genre known to man, as well as they publish a book every year that has the best of the best stories. The website is www.literotica.com.


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