Uh oh

So I was just looking at Jennifer's page. Forty comments under one author's profile. Twenty-nine for another.

I got four? (Thanks, Sam)

For pity's sake, people, go on! Go say something about the weather. Describe your daughter's birthday party. Talk about the worst book you read, as long as it's not one of mine.

You can also win some fun stuff.

You know you don't want me to launch into yet another self-pity party. You tell yourself, no problem--you can just avoid MY blog, but don't forget I can still come and whine over to yours. I know where many of you live.

I'm on the edge, dudes. Two more rejections pushed me close, closer, closest to the Edge of Whine. Yet another full-out whiny rant. Save yourself.


  1. Kate - to add some cheer, I will tell you what I am doing. I am in Portland (OR) at an instructional technology conference in which I have just spent the last hour and a half in the dark and cold trying to Geocache.

    Ok, it was fun, and the whole time we were out there, I was picturing a scene in my head as a "what if" the Port Authority Police vroomed up to us in their white pickup trucks, shining those really bright flashlights in our eyes and demanding to know (none too politely) why we are roaming the security fence between the Sheraton parking lot and an AIRPORT RUNWAY- in the shrubbery (insert Monty Python joke here)... While the United Shuttle takes off behind us, I can just imagine our innocent explanations -- "um sorry officer, but have you seen a little blue Tupperware container with some tickets in it? We're trying to win a GPS unit."

    The officer, of course, would not be amused by this explanation, and would shoo us away from the area, due to, you know, National Security Concerns. (Teacher Geeks Gone Wild! News at 11!)

    ;-) There...did I get a smile?

    Back home tomorrow, maybe with a newly won GPS system!

    Michelle in OR

  2. Aw, thanks, Jennifer. Snivel, sniff. You're a doll.

    Fingers crossed on the GPS system, Michelle. You'll play that GPS game my ten-year-old friend is into all the time. She got a device over christmas signed onto some club on the internet and is stuffing notes into strange boxes all over town. It's a lot of fun.

  3. Update - Well, I didn't win the GPS (Or the laptop, or the Ipod, or the ...) but another gal from my group won a laptop AND 2 Portland Trailblazers tickets. Jeez, this WAS her lucky day :-)



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