on the plus side. . .

--I hate rejections so much that I've stopped checking my email as often.
--I now have 28 inches of hair in a plastic bag to donate to locks of love.

No, I won't bother with the debit column today. Mark this as a red letter day: I'm kinda sick of whining.

and tomorrow.....Oh, hey, tomorrow I'll have one of my Those Writers.

We all have Those Writers. For whatever reason the stars line up, the life experiences are matched, time hits the right second. You read a book and you clasp it to your bosom with cries of ecstasy. And then you read another book by the same author and you love it almost as much --or maybe even more.

Combined force of reader and writer coming together for a perfect experience. I have had a dozen or so writers like that** (sometimes they come and go depending on the life stage. For instance I think I'm over Salinger.).

Anyway, I hounded one of my Those Writers until she said yes.

**or more. A dozen romance writers, let's say.


  1. tracy macnish5:21 PM

    Kate!!!! I never knew you were such a TEASE.

    Post pics of new hair!

  2. Pictures! We want pictures of the After!


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