I'm still here

laughing at? with? because of
corn dog. Appreciating corn dog and anyone else who threatens the boogie men with weapons.

Any of you watch the debates? Me neither. However I did read this sort-of transcript and so I know what I missed. Who knew politicians use the word fucktard so often?


  1. I even blogged on the debate last night. How boring is that!

    Off to see what corn dog is doing now.

  2. Watching politicians on TV has been linked to the involuntarily evacuation of brain cells through the eye sockets.

    I've been stopping by. I was going to leave a huge guilt trip comment tomorrow. But really, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I'll just go read one of the inspirational chicklit author blogs. I know just the one, too. Maybe after she's done slaughtering the scriptures, she can advise me as to what shoes go with my faith.

    Uh, you're not going to really make me do that, are you?

  3. I did Not watch the debate. I did, however, read a horribly depressing article in the Guardian UK (the true cost of the war) and I'm taking bets with the hubby as to how long before the article hits the US papers. (Odd that really bad news about the US never gets to the US first...)

  4. Lynne Doug and Jennifer, may I just take this opportunity to again say I love you? Thank you.

    (And if you said, no, I couldn't take the opportunity, I'd say too flipping bad, weasel. I love you anyway)

  5. OH, and thanks for depressing us even more, Jennifer. True cost of the war can't even be measured in dollars. It's one of those measured in damages sustained by generations upon generations sort of things. Oh boy!

  6. How can you be depressed when your icon is enjoying such a lovely swing?

  7. Whew! You're back. I'm cleaning up the coffee now I spilled on your rug.

    I don't watch TV. I would watch it more if I knew they were using words I use like fucktard.


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