wearing black gloves--updated to white jewel-encrusted gloves

You know the problem with Doug's meme? "identify my most frequent writing mistake, then tag five other bloggers to do the same." It's so hard to just pick one mistake.

Repeated word syndrome?
Too many m-dashes due to working for epublishers who don't allow many commas and absolutely no semi-colons?
Skipping over the easy analogies, metaphors, imagery that are part of the first draft (my way of working = get the stuff out and then rewrite)?
Thinking I'll ever get published in NYC again?
Amiable rather than exciting characters?
Plodding plots?

You pick which is my most egregious mistake. I'm going back to bed and mourning my late career. Now I get why good writers like Nancy Butler throw in the towel. The running in place thing gets old fast. And my ear hurts.

Oops. I once again forgot the important piece of advice a mega-hugely-successful writer** told us at a workshop. I need to express endless enthusiasm about my work and my competence. If I believe I'm the best thing ever, so will readers, agents, editors, the world. I must be my own best fan.

There. Is. Nothing. Wrong. With. My. Perfect. Writing.
(And how dare you even imply there is, Dr. Doug?)

** for all I know she might have even written good stories. I don't think I managed to get through one, but that means nothing.


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