what does it say about a person that she is cheered up by various reports of a man's untimely demise? The wetsuits. The dildo up the butt. But mostly the fundie background at Liberty University. Snicker.

"Refrain from speculation" said the statement from his church. Omigod, can anyone manage that? I mean would even Jesus be able to turn his mind from speculation?

I do hope Aldridge died satisfied because the man put a lot of effort into his fun.

No, really, the only humane response to Rev. Fallwell's friend's kinky death is poor guy. What a way to die, but worse, what a way to live. Rev. Gary must have loathed his kinks or maybe he hated his real life. (At any rate, something didn't jibe, dude).

Right. Now we have the o, the humanity, o the waste part out of the way, back to the comments at Sadly, No. They are making me laugh a lot.


  1. well, that (Sadly, No) was a time-sink. A funny time-sink, but a time-sink, nonetheless. Thanks. :)

  2. How come no one is suggesting murder? What more evil way to impugn the man's life?

    Eh, forget it. He liked wetsuits and butt dildos. Who doesn't?

  3. actually someone did say it could have been his brother who hated him and might have set up the death scene to make him look horribly pervy. But a diver said no way could you murder someone and stuff the body into a wetsuit, not to mention TWO wetsuits. Just can't be done, way too hard.


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