I'm over at the Samhain blog.

I'm counting the minutes until the new Toshiba gets here. And I can at long last heave the Dell off the deck down, down onto the blacktop. Sure, I could donate it to some charity, but there is no charity I loathe enough to do that to.

I can almost taste the glorious moment my three? four? years of pampering and coaxing this machine will come to an end. . . .In my mind I play the happy moment of impact. Crash. Tinkle. Yay.

Maybe I should wait until Aya's here and she can tape the event.


  1. SWEET! I will totally tape the event! In fact, what we really need are simultaneous multi-angled shots, if we were somehow rolling in camcorders.

  2. Will you put it on YouTube? I wanna watch. Maybe you could back over it in your car. Again. And again. Oh oh oh put it in the freezer overnight so it's especially brittle. Oh oh oh have a contest on the blog how to destroy it.

    My v-word is so impossible to read. I clicked the handicapped signal and it downloaded something called captcha, which brought up iTunes which did nothing.


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