Thursday Thirteen--Sandy Blair

I know Sandy because she's one of the original Zebra debut authors (we original debs keep in touch, as in, we clutch each other and scream a lot when exciting things happen). She's elegant--even when falling off cruise ships--and she's kind. In the aftermath of Katrina, she and her husband opened her home to a displaced family.

The cruise ship story is one she's told a whole lot of times because it's good and people ask her about it. If you want to hear about Sandy falling off the ship, go ahead and ask her. She's so polite she won't tell you to get lost, even if she's way sick of the story.
Here's the cover of her latest release which is doing beautifully in stores, thank you.

Thirteen Things Few Folks Know About Sandy Blair, by Sandy Blair:

1. The book of my heart is still under the bed and may never see the light of day. For starters, it’s 900 + pages.

2. Just hearing a deep Scottish brogue will turn my knees turn to jelly and I start looking for a bed.

3. I agree with Steven King. If you have to use a Thesaurus to find a word, it’s the wrong word. There are no exceptions to the rule.

4. You never want to see me without make-up. (Trust me on this one.)

5. I can and will down any size box of chocolates set before me in one day.

6. When seriously stressed, I shop ‘til I drop…but only at discount stores. God forbid, we pay retail.

7. I used to polish my refrigerator. (I got over it.)

8. Massages, in my humble opinion, are for thin people. Not me.

9. Although we’re thinking “green,” recycling, have just bought a hybrid car etc, in my secret heart I still lust after my old, baby blue Cadillac Seville.

10. I can’t write a thing unless I’m wearing animal slippers. This year they look like St. Bernards.

11. My memory is a sieve. Write it down if you want me to do something.

12. Prayer: I never dare ask. I only say thank you. (I’m overly blessed as it is.)

13. Computers are a total mystery to me. I’ve yet to figure out anything beyond using Word and doing email.

Other TT this week:

Carrie Lofty reveals the truth. She sold. A book. Like a real book manuscript, honestly. Go squeee at her.

Darla has boots. Lots of gorgeous black boots. View them and wish that you, too, had the fashion flair of Darla. or maybe that's just me--maybe YOU have just as many boots.


  1. I secretly lust for a huge huge SUV, but no... I drive a Corolla and think green.

  2. I know, right?

    When I see something like this (and they're successfully cutting me off in it), I start wanting one myself. I could totally rule the road in that!

    But I won't buy one.

    Great list about Sandy. :)

  3. Aw, come on. Massages are for everyone.

  4. Sandy gave me good writing advice over at Absolute Write when I was first starting out a few years ago and knew absolutely nothing. I'll always remember how kind and gracious she was to a complete greenhorn.

  5. Boy, do I wish everybody believed #3. :)

    LOL, Kate--shoes are my girly weakness--I'm at a complete loss with everything else fashion-related.

  6. Fun list!
    And ditto for the memory thing. A sieve. That describes it.

  7. massasages are for people who like to be hurt, because if you weren't in pain when you went to the massage, you will be when you leave.

    Regarding computers, I knew as a teenager: Marry a programmer! Sure I have many hours of technobabble thrown at me, but it's ok, I get my revenge in shoes.

  8. I have read sandy Blair's books and love them! I recommend anyone to read Sandy's books. :)

    Happy Belated T13!


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