listen I'm still way too blah to post, but the following is a public service for anyone who's got kids like mine--I mean kids who don't like actual flavor in their food. It's your fault they eat like that. You got the picky-pants genes going.


  1. We have finally discovered through years of trial and error, that with the exception of that orange cream stuff on macaroni and cheese (I hesitate to call it sauce), my son does not like any sort of sauce, gravy, etc.

    We used to try to cover up new things by dripping flavors of things he did like on them.

    Although we don't suffer with the very restricted diets that the families in the article do, we have discovered that my son has very sensitive taste buds. Sometimes food is rejected because he can taste the metal of the pan -- some non-stick pots had to leave the house because they consistently tainted food. He enjoys tasting the distinct flavors of each food, without spice, thank you.

    Usually, when I cook, everything tastes about the same, so he'll reject a large portion of that meal. When Dear Butcher cooks, the vegetables taste different than the meat and different than the starch, and he'll eat more variety.

    It sorta goes along with his increased sensitivity to smells. He once walked into a neighbor's house and exclaimed, "This place SMELLS!" They were burning scented candles. Much explaining occurred.

  2. Not that I don't try to fix stuff people like, but no menu ordering, short order kitchen stuff. One meal, you eat it or go hungry. Change our vacation because they might not have food the kids like? Never occurred to me.

  3. Not my fault! It's RW's fault. the Girl hates all the same foods RW hated as a kid. Me, I liked everything (except lima beans). Still do.

    I do sometimes make her special meals. (Leftovers from something she liked earlier, a lot.) But more often I just tell her to go get herself a piece of cheese.

    The Marmaid Girl, that is. RW has to rustle up her own special meals if she doesn't like mine.

  4. I was the pickiest eater ever, so my kids could never even come close or drive me crazy about it. My kids pretty much always ate what I put in front of them. Or they didn't eat it. I didn't forece them to eat anything. If they were hungry, they ate. If not, fine.

  5. Hey, I cook like I cook and my son still tends to be picky. So was I, but I had better reason.


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