Pathetic sez Tammy from Jackson St Books

But then why did she provide the link to buy it at her store and another link to the petition?

It's time to make Oprah prove her patriotism by signing this petition. Granted, you're probably tired of being told to sign important petitions to stop wars, help starving kids. Go for one that's basically worthless, for once.

random paragraph from the letter to Oprah:

Selecting I Am America (And So Can You!) for your Book Club will go a long way toward erasing the long-standing concerns and nagging doubts about your patriotism that have dogged you ever since they were first raised in this letter. Otherwise, it's not looking good. To be honest, it's very suspicious that you have a Book Club in the first place.


  1. "ever since they were first raised in this letter." I love it.

    gonna go make bagels now.


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