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So we'll just not go into the fact that I seem to have lost most of my Thursday Thirteen interviews. Uh, Shirley Jump? I'll be putting you up as soon as I can smash into the old computer which will be when the teenager down the street gets home from school. He'll have fun, anyway.

IN the meantime, enjoy the itty bitty kitty committee. One doesn't usually like to recommend possible cuteoverload knock offs, but this one has such a good, fine name. And it's based on a good effort, too!

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I tried to get Beth interested in in this generator, but she, like my anonymous commenter here, is more worried about my relationship with the gods.

Here's something 7th Sanctum and I whipped up in five minutes! I toyed around with one idea: it came up with -- A fusion of the tale of the Princess and the Pea and the story of Pygmalion and Galataea that concerns a group of taxi drivers.

but decided to go more traditional

DARK HEAVEN NEXT [that's an RPG naming generator-- I cheated]
Deep in the Gorge of Unholy Gallows The dark elves met at The Duplicate Flagon to make a plan.
"We must defeat this foul being!" Atiak announced.

They took a moment to contemplate the image one of them conjured of Duxce. The ghostly vision dancing across the table.

He has droopy eyes that are the color of ripe cherries. He has shoulder-length, straight, indigo hair mostly bound in a series of braids. His form is very elegant. You find it all to easy to compare him to a prowling panther. He has small ears and long-fingered hands.

each of the elves,
had been volunteered and none wanted to be there. They represented the disparate and quarreling fellowships of
Fire Adventurers Of The Universe
Invulnerable Progentlewomen
Justice Defenders Of Atlantis
Linear Microboys
Machine Of Georadiers
Mob Aries
Sacred Eternity Pack

But the quarrelsome omnivulture had to be dealt with.
"Come on," said one of them, drinking down the last of the flaming marsh mead. "Where's he hiding these days? Let's go get him."

Someone said, "He's living nearby the Terrible Cenotaph of Unholy Insanity which is located in Flathead Hangings Land"

One of them signaled for another flagon of dragon's piss. "Oh and that's what kind of place?"

The temporal thief librarian cleared his throat. "This irrational expansive domain was noted for its advanced agriculture. It was destroyed by economic conflict caused by perversion, leaving behind only tombs and relics."

"Sounds horrible," said another. "Let's give it a miss."

"Stop your blubbing, We'll have plenty of protection. Why I have the following shields
Buckler of Human Slaying
Caring Dragon's Tower Shield
Deathly Sinners' Shield of Heat Blasts
Distant Haunts' Shield of the Archer
Drunken Savior's Shield of Ethereal Finders
Just Bear's Tower Shield
Shield of Returning Alteration
Spiritual Elves' Tower Shield
Tower Shield of Frost Clouds
Tower Shield of Stone Aura

along with our
Contraption of Sapphire Clouds
Drunken Carver's Contraption of Victors
Lordly Thunderous Apparatus of Sapphire Nets
Mystical Tool
Utensil of Great Victors
we'll be fine."

"Good. let's drink up and just get started on our mystical ceremonies of protection and power, right?
I say start with
Ancestral Abjuration of the Monsters of Winds
Consuming Sacrifice of Annihilation
Summoning of Misery

So they did!

and here's a blurb it created on its own:
Join the fantastic adventures of Gyboufr of Iqyk! His turquoise spheres of sight and rippling pectorals provoke jealousy in Ruva the Tyrant! Wielder of the the ring known as the 'soul of Uyvuqyc'! He quests to find the slayer of his mother! An exceptionally deadly dragon, Oepury, will stop at nothing to stop our hero!


  1. This kitties.... so... itty... bitty. *keelsover*

  2. I just went back to read your anonymous commenter's comment.


    That there's one, um, interesting and dedicated individual.


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