happy halloween season

okay I get a kick out of this story, Love You to Pieces. Maybe because the oldest boy was watching Shaun of the Dead the other night--got me into the whole zombie mindset.

Zombie Love is just one of those things I never wanted to imagine. I think I still don't want to, but I'm fairly glad Ally Blue did, I think. Maybe.

Free gross 'n' graphic, tender (both "aww" and "mm, meat") love story at the bottom of this link. You're warned. Also extreme butt secks.


  1. Well Darn.
    I'm kind of glad I didn't read this Before I started to write my zombie story.
    I might have been influenced, lol.

  2. **ears perk up**
    You're writing a zombie story? Cool! I love zombies, not that anyone could tell I'm sure *g*

    Kate, thank you!! I'm so glad you liked the story!

  3. Hmph. To me, graphic means PICTURES. Zombie buttseks pictures.

    Has your oldest rented Dead Alive yet? Better than Shaun of the Dead, by far.

  4. Wow. Glad for the link.

    It's just one of those, "I never would have read it if I had been given a synopsis, but now I'm glad I did" experiences.

    Sort of like my relationship with Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha

    Okay. I'm calm. Send story. Of course, I haven't gotten the hysterical historical back to you, but send anyway.


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