my day. How's yours?

I'm interviewed again, this time over at Romance Reviews Today's blog. I like that place. You go comment there and you can get a chance to win any one of Summer Devon's fabu ebooks.

What else I'm up to:

1. A brief wallow about another rejection.

2. I'll be putting on my parachute, checking the guidelines, scanning the car for bombs, counting the gators in the pit, preparing the fatal injection needle for insertion, writing down my last will and testament ("boys, remember: don't feed the dog more than twice a day. And don't use the large scoop").

Any minute, or maybe it's any day, now, I'll be jumping out of an airplane, fighting off rabid dogs and ninjas with my bare hands, facing the heart of darkness without a candle. . . okay, okay. I'll be taking a two hour road trip. Maybe. I'm still waiting to find out if I must. Yeah, so I inflate the danger a bit.

Actually, the response is just about that exaggerated but it's my lizard brain and body that do all the omigodI'mgoingtodieorworsenotdie stuff. I'm just there for the ride, rolling my eyes and waiting it out.


  1. Sorry about the "no" those never get any better, we just get better at accepting them and moving on, I think.

  2. What is it with that no?
    Don't they know good writing when they see it?
    I guess not.

  3. yup, i'm up to three rejections now. Some people have no taste.

    What's going on, are you afraid of driving or something?


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