one last whine

PBW has a perfect right to get on with her life and stop writing her blog. Nobody pays her for the time and wonderful advice she puts into it. In fact, even if it was a paying job, if it's stale for her, she should move on. Put down that keyboard.

I just wish she wouldn't.

And I can't help feeling as if I was some sort of straw or something. I mean bad, unedited fiction can't kill a blog, right?

The same applies to Corn Dog and I fret about her, too.


  1. Oh, thanks. Don't fret about me. I'm supposed to be in a writing class, writing a book but as it turns out now I write nothing. I don't write the blog and I lie about working on the book. What's with that? In better news, I may be getting a job this week. I may go back to a life I used to know. It's seems odd. One day you are fine. Then you get cancer. Then a brain tumor. Then the tumor removal tears up your brain. Then you sit around the house a while wondering if you are ever going to be all right. Then one day you go back to work like nothing happened. I'm wondering if the last 4 years happened. Maybe not, huh? See here. I wrote a blog post right here.

  2. I am hanging out with corn dog. It's a conspiracy, Miss Kate. ;)

    Actually, I've been off dealing with what happens when the man you love has an accident at work, i.e. he tries to stop from falling off the top of a ladder by sticking his hand into a spinning fan blade.

    Remember that story The Mangler by Stephen King? Worse.

    Anyway, I'm back, and while it may take me a few days to get back up to speed, I'm not going anywhere. Promise.

  3. oh OW! To both of you, I think.

    There should at least be flowers for a celebration, CD. Some kind of huzzah, it's another chapter starting. Hallmark should get on this.

    Ouch poor Mr. Lynn. (It sounds like something the Mythbusters would do)


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