holy día de los muertos, batman!!

For distraction in this wearying world one can usually turn to the comix. Ha, say the comix today. You think you got it bad?

There's Lisa from Funky Winkerbean** heading off to dance death (or maybe it's the phantom of the opera come to collect her?) and Grandad Jim from For Better or Worse is staring up at an alarmed Iris.

Jim might be just having yet another set-back. God knows those old people do that. Lisa's clearly entering the dance floor up in the sky, poor thing.


** I can't find the comic at the official site but here's part of a statement:
For the first time in a comic strip, Funky Winkerbean creator Tom Batiuk has depicted the death of a young wife and mother from the recurrence of breast cancer. Lisa Moore, a major character who is battling breast cancer for a second time, succumbs to the disease on Oct. 4, 2007, leaving behind her husband, Les, and their five year-old daughter, Summer.

As a result of Batiuk’s commitment to helping people facing their own real life battles with cancer, University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center in Cleveland has unveiled a fund called Lisa’s Legacy Fund for Cancer Research and Education, named in honor of Batiuk’s character and her subsequent story which has resonated with thousands of readers.


  1. Um - I thought comics were supposed to make you laugh?

    I'm trying to imagine what kind of person starts laughing at this one.

  2. Whoa.

    That's, um, a disturbing image, cliffhanger, and plot idea all in one.

    Need to go shake that one off.


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