Thursday Thirteen--Bonnie Dee

I first mentioned something about Bonnie Dee on my blog here but for months before that, I'd been going around the interwebs telling people Read this book! Read it immediately, dammit!

Anyway, I wrote a squeeing fan girl letter to Bonnie Dee and now I hear from her occasionally. I even got to read two of her books before anyone else. Bone Deep remains my favorite but I feel protective and possessive about a lot of her other books, too. That means that if you hate them and tell me you do, I have to squelch the automatic response of what's your problem? There aren't a lot of authors I feel that way about, not even Summer Devon or Kate Rothwell.

Finding Home by Lauren Baker and Bonnie Dee, now in print at Samhain

I asked Dee to give me Thirteen Things about herself and here's what she had to say:

1. I love theater and have recently had a novel, “Touring Company” accepted at Samhain. I once played Golde in Fiddler on the Roof.

2. Two of my daughters just moved into an apartment together so I’ve instantly gone empty nest. When I come home, it’s weird to find everything so clean and uncluttered just as I left it.

3. My basement is nearly entirely empty as the girls took the ratty old sectional with them to their apartment. This means we get to have NEW FURNITURE and new carpeting in the basement. Yay!

4. I eat the same breakfast every morning of my life; a bowl of Crispix, a toaster strudel and exactly a half cup of Café Vienna (the super sweet instant kind).

5. I have one very large dog, one tiny 3 ½ pound Yorkie and three lovely cats. The lame-legged one, Jimmy, is my favorite. He’s chockfull of personality.

6. I come from a big Catholic family with five sisters and one brother. I’m the youngest. Only a few of my family members know my pseudonym, the others just know I write “very sexy” romances.

7. My favorite color is… Oh jeez, anything bold and vibrant from deep indigo and peacock blue to blazing red and fiery orange, also forest green and sunflower yellow. I love rich colors! Pastels aren’t real colors, although I won’t say you’d never catch me dead in them.

8. I’m very organized and quick about everything I do. When I make a decision, I stick with it, follow through and don’t allow myself to second guess or agonize over it. (Most of the time.)

9. I’m very proud of my oldest daughter, who’s finished her first year of teaching at a tough inner city school. We have more fun together than we ever could when she was young, and spent yesterday on the beach at Lake Michigan together.

10. My writing space is the sun room of my house and I love it. I can gaze out the windows at the dogs and cats running around the yard as I sit at my desk and contemplate what happens next.

11. I love movies and television dramas. I especially love to buy a dvd set of a show and completely immerse myself in the world, watching episode after episode. [Kate interrupts the interview: may I recommend Firefly?]

12. To me, sexy is a damaged man with a ton of issues to work through and maybe some not so pleasant qualities. But in real life I’d never give the time of day to a “troubled” guy. **

13. I’m generally bad at keeping up my personal blog and so I’m developing a group blog with some of my author friends. It will be called Erotic Muses and more details will be forthcoming. So far, Jayelle Drewry, Laura Bacchi and Veronica Wilde are involved.


**Kate: I love this one and I want to somehow capture the sentiment and put it on a bumpersticker. It's fiction, people!


  1. I'll have to add to my must buy list!!


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