Another Reason

I've been kind of unhappy about the real world lately. Not my little corner of it, mind you. Just the part I visit now and then.

The thing is, when I'm there it's not so bad--the work is actually fun. But I haven't been to work for a while--summer vacation--and I think I have some sort of cumulative horror. I heard we have new Turks coming in, began to snuffle and wrote this.

A life of beer and skittles is never going to exist no matter how many people I teach the alphabet.


  1. I want to think people are inherently good. I want to, but I think I'm imaging it. I wonder if this place is simply some kind of horror show and the only peace will be after we die.

    I was at a barbeque a month ago. I sat on the sofa with Stan. He was 87 and suffered a heart attack. He said, "I was dead for 20 minutes, ya know." I didn't know. "Let me tell you," he continued, "there's nothing. There's no white light. There's no Jesus." He got up and excused himself to get another Bud Light. I watched him fish around in the ice chest and thought about what he said.

    I panicked, like I always do.

  2. Kate, take some time off. Really.

    My grandfather was a refugee, and he wrote down his story for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But even there, I know he edited it. It's too raw to let loose on the world, all that pain. And you've been absorbing it now for years.

    You're a good and caring person (funny, too!), and you'll find a way to give back to the world. But maybe war refugees aren't going to be your path right now. Tis cool. There will be others to step in, even if you don't think there will be.

    (And we still love our socks, by the by. Toasty!)

  3. I admire you, Kate. Deeply. While it may not feel like it right now, you've made a big difference in a lot of lives.

    Still, you can't care for anyone else if you don't care for yourself first. Taking time off, recognizing the need and acting on it, is a very wise decision and makes you no less admirable. You're only human--and there's nothing at all wrong with that. Consider yourself hugged, woman.


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