I survived by the skin of my teeth**

We're home.

To hell with the boring real world stuff. I figured out how to blog ahead at passionate ink. I wrote the entry days ago and figured out how get it to post at the correct time. Sure, everyone else on the internet has known how to do this sort of thing for months, but come on. For some of us interwebtypes, this is earthshattering stuff. And we want to share with you how, day by day, we're learning all about how to actually post in these goddamn blog things. Content schmontent. Meta's where it's at. Unfortunately we've blown our "what we know about the interwebs" wad for the day.

Back to live action (taped earlier):
We're enjoying this first person plural thing. A little bit more about our vacation.

1. We ate lunch at a hole in the wall place in Brattleboro VT on our way home today and the food was nearly worth writing home about. We're feeling extremely hip for stumbling across Mole's. The person on the right front (purple shirt) served us our food and she made the desserts which meant we had to order a few. Our sons were very impressed that we met the person who made our food. We pointed out to them that they meet the person who makes their food nearly every time they sit down to dinner. But this was different. This was a professional who made excellent brownies.

2. Seltzer made with maple sap is an acquired taste that we've nearly acquired. The Ace hardware store sold the stuff. Sadly, for our boys--who were eagerly anticipating another educational event--the bottler wouldn't allow us to tour the place.

So we had to content ourselves with a visit to Ace Hardware (in this case, the we is U.A.). The cola tasted too sweet, like liniment said U.A. or maybe C.B--who was right. But the seltzer! Ahhhh. Chemistry.

3. We think Vermont Country Store is a very scary place.

**"by the skin of my teeth" was our favorite expressions for years and years. We thought it was funny, sophisticated and subtle. Not sure where we got that idea.

Tomorrow, back to first person singular, or perhaps we'll experiment with writing about our human lives from writing from the dog's POV?


  1. But what did you have for dessert? Tease.

  2. Boy 24:37 PM

    I was simply CRUSHED we couldn't visit EVERY DELIGHTFUL MUSEUM WE COULD FIND AND SEE THE DARLING EXHIBITS ON THINGS LIKE GRAPH PAPER. But I suppose we all have to make sacrifices now and again....

    I will never forgive you for subjecting me to Mr. Doolittle.

  3. Thanks HD. I was not exactly kissing the ground a la pope, but I sort of wanted to.

    Doug--blueberry pie (not as good as mine) hot brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce and some kind of cream puff thing.

    sonny boy/laddie buck--U.A. captured the whole thing with his nifty camera. Next time you ignore me when I say it's time to settle down? Not only will I take away computer time, I will make you watch Mr. D.

  4. "'by the skin of my teeth' was our favorite expressions for years and years. We thought it was funny, sophisticated and subtle. Not sure where we got that idea."

    Katherine Hepburn used the expression. Depending on how you feel about her, it could explain why you thought it was funny and sophisticated, or why you're not sure where you got that idea.

  5. aha, but I figured out WHY I though it was so elegant and it had nothing to do with K Hepburn for once. I did a search on the expression and remembered.

    When I was in second? third? grade the middle schoolers put on the play.

    Nothing is more sophisticated and witty than a middle schooler...

  6. We, the plural, used to enjoy sweetwater quite a bit, but we had forgotten about it until your excellent post. And then there's Moxie. [cue the heavenly chorus]

    I love Moxie. Love it. Yum, yum, yum. Bitter and sweet and purplish and sticky in the back of the throat. It's just vile. But great too.

    We used to get "Italians", sandwiches on sub rolls, a mixture of cold cuts, green peppers, onions, hots, and way too much Italian salad dressing and eat them with Moxie tonics. For me, that is the taste of Maine in the summer.

    But Sweetwater's good too.


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