NOT trisk, but beware

It's on a smaller scale but the anger of its authors is just as strong.

The buzz on lots of loops is that another epublishing company is sliding down the tubes. Apparently Mardi Gras Publishing is going down, but slowly it seems, because the company site is still up, Looks like they're even soliciting manuscripts.

Still, the word is on the loops. Here's another--toward the end. And heres's another, just a single post

If this is the end, it's not a nice wrap-up. Authors are complaining it hasn't been nice for a while.

When a company slides into bankruptcy, versus just folding tents and going away quietly, who'll help the authors get their rights back? I hear EPIC might help

I didn't even know the publisher existed, but turns out I know several people who'd sent manuscripts and were waiting for them to show up. Ugh.


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