why I'm not typing much

The pinky side of my left wrist hurts, a spot just below the bump. No numbness yet. This is a new ache--when I type too much, I usually feel it in a shoulder or elbow. I've been doing stretching exercises but without any change for more than a week. At least it hasn't gotten worse. Any advice? Yeah, I know. Stop using the laptop. Any other advice?

* * * *

Tomorrow I have Thirteen Things about Rob Preece. He's the guy who runs booksforabuck but he writes, too--was a Golden Heart finalist . . .this year? Last year? Year before? These years run together.

Heh. Today's post features the two occupational hazards : a slack grasp on reality and a slack grasp in reality (RSI! PU!).


  1. I'm sorry about your wrist. Definitely take care of it. The laptop always kills my hands, too. It's not just the cramped keyboard, it's the feel of the keys. My standard keyboard is so much "springier" than the laptop keyboard.

    Thanks for including the link to the wrist exercises. I've bookmarked it.

    Hope you feel better!


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