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Thunderstorms yesterday meant no splashing in the lake. We hit the Marble Museum and The Maple Syrup Museum instead. I wanted to stay back. No such luck. We didn't visit the inside of the castle though. Too expensive and the one piece of furniture on the page looked appallingly tacky. The outside had a long hill which needed to be rolled down, so several boys got muddy and felt car sick all the way home.

The all-marble bathrooms in the Marble Museum.
2. Mr. Doolittle, our animated guide to the Maple Syrup Museum, who spoke in rhyme except when he didn't, quite.

Actual highlight: meeting a guy who cares deeply about maple sugaring. There's something contagious about true excitement. The boys managed to slip away to the sampling room while the man talked about how grades of syrup are determined. I witnessed Mike's fanatic streak get tapped [heh. maple syruping joke] when the man mentioned the bacteria that might or might not affect the process. But then a tour bus (!?!) pulled up and the man had to go meet it. A tour bus. There really isn't a lot to do in this area.

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. All four boys are begging us to stop trying to find culturally interesting** sights. They wish to opt for bowling.

UPDATE: Yay! Have discovered new weapon for the adult arsenal--When squabbling breaks out, we threaten to visit the Lint Museum, the Paperclip Museum or any sort of Historical Society. Boys stop whacking each other and retreat at once to read books or listen to music. They know we are serious for they have had a taste of what we are Capable of Doing to them.
**obviously a relative term in this context.


  1. Poor Kate.


  2. It couldn't be that bad...could it?

    Much Love Always,
    Rose Marie Wolf

  3. The Maple Syrup Museum? How cool is that? Chris would love it.

    I have always enjoyed listening to pretty much anybody, on pretty much any topic, who truly knows what they are talking about. I think I would have liked the Maple Syrup Museum.

    And somebody should create the Lint Museum, just so we would have a place to threaten to take the kids to.

  4. If you go to Gettysburg, PA, you can visit all sorts of odd museums. My favorite is at the house where Lincoln slept the night before the Gettysburg address. There's a spotlight which shines over the desk where he supposedly put the finishing touches on his speech. The room darkens dramatically and a voice over says, I kid you not, "Eighty seven, no, no....Four Score and Seven Years Ago."

    My mother and I practically hurt ourselves trying not to laugh at the affronted tour guide.

    When you leave the bedroom you go into a museum of items donated to the museum by fans of the Gettysburg Address. The Address in dried alphabet noodles. A portrait in lint. Et cetera. Too much fun.

  5. Better yet, Dean, the Belly Button Link Museum!

    I'm still getting used to this new format, Kate.

    I'm intrigued by Rose Marie's face.


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