The wilds of Vermont

. . . are tame.

I mean look, I'm stealing wi-fi from some unsuspecting neighbor.

I think it's because we're too close to NYC. Last month we went further northeast and it was easy to escape our Fellow Man and commune with cows. No motorcycles right outside the door.

Probably we'll head to Maine next time...because as much as I whine about having to go on vacation (and shitallmighty, I do whine) I'd rather be somewhere a little less inhabited after all. Unless we're talking a NYC vacation.
What I want:
Lakes=us and an occasional loon.
Ocean=waves. Otherwise I'm not picky. I love the ocean best. Not too much traffic though, thanks.

Since this isn't the usual sort of vacation, the guys are downstairs watching some Bourne movie. Cable and DVD at a lake? Pfah.

Wait, next time, what I really want is to stay home with the dog, dammit.

I spent a while blog hopping just now and am amazed to there are still embers from the last big bloffle. Time to go vacation, dudes. Don't check to see if there's any wi-fi. There probably will be and that's not why we leave home.


  1. Hope you have a mahvelous time, dahlink!

  2. Cable and TV at a lake? Them there's not the same sort of lake vacations we had when *I* was a kid. We couldn't even get radio reception unless we were hanging off the porch holding the radio out under the eaves.

    And even then, the only thing we could pull up was Casey Kasem's Top 40.

    Have a great time. Enjoy the loons. I love loons.

  3. Stealing Wi-Fi sounds fun. I like that word "boffle" too and "loon."


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