friday four facts about us

1. We watch too much tv. We figured that out this morning during the very spooky Penis Ads Concurrence Engorgement Convergence!** today. Maybe you noticed it too? The moment that The Streams Crossed?

CNN had a Cialis ad, so we switched over to MSNBC and there at the same moment was a Lavitra ad. Now the phamaceutical companies have enough money to make some long-winded (heh. long.) commercials and so we spent a few seconds switching back and forth and giggling. Then eventually that got boring so we went to another channel. There was Smiling Bob the male enhancement guy with the annoying whistling thing going on.

Way. Too. Much. . . and I'm not sure the confluence (streams, don't you know) is good news about our species.

2. More proof: the boys know and sing this song. We'd blame Cousin Brian but they knew it before they spent time with him.

3. We can take ourselves off the Middle School list! It was just a moment of celebration when we realized after three years of three schools that we only do two schools this year. Elementary and High. Yay!

4. We have been told not to utter the words "school, back to school shopping, backpack, notebooks etc." We've taken to clipping headlines from newspapers and catalogs and putting the clippings on the fridge.

picture stolen from here.

** trademark ballsandwalnuts.


  1. Re: #1. It's the Engorgement Convergence!


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