and the wig! oh BOY

I really should Google myself more often. Another treasure. Unsentimental Splendor? Is that what that means?

I can't seem to use babelfish well enough to get ebay to work for me, but I did manage this for the text of this book:

One woman made for the adventure. And hour its adventure is he. Meeting rude the Irish policeman Mick McCann, to Timona Calverson, rich and famous photographer, is enough only little moments in order to become account that is that one the man to which it wants to donate just the heart. But Mick, persuaded that they are too much various and that they could not be happy, ago of all in order resisting them. It will touch to Timona to convince it of the contrary. With whichever means.

Famous of MarchRose: Draft of the novel of debut of the author, acclimatized in the New York of fine slid century, that succeeding is of public that has had a large one of critic, yielding endured them endured one great popolarità beyond that the RIVER Award. Its continuation is Somebody to Love (Someone to love), already published in this same necklace some month makes: however, the two novels are connect in way much limiting to you, therefore that they can independently be read without problems one from the other.

The readers of all the world have been conquered from the two protagonists of this history originate them and fascinating, than once a lot they do not belong to the world of the aristocracy: Mick is an Irish immigrant and works like policeman, Timona is intrepida a photographer-esploratrice, accustomed to decide those quickly that it wants... and now it has decided that those that it wants is just Mick! Theirs converse full of affection and irony, and the incredible dolcezza of the personage of Mick, indicated from the critics us of AAR like "the better male protagonist of 2004", renders this novel much fascinating and intriguer. An author to hold senz' other of eye for the future.

Yeah, babee! That's what I like to see.


  1. That hair! He looks like Harpo Marx with muscles!

  2. Sometimes I worry that my wife and I are too much various, too.

    My fourteen is finally up. Come 'round so I can give you some lurve.

  3. That wig is really too much.
    I hope it is a wig. For his sake.
    So Italians are digging Kate Rothwell!! Coool!!

  4. Helo Kate, it's MarchRose here, blogger at "Isn't it romantic" . I am the reviewer who commented the Italian release of "Somebody wonderful" - happy you enjoyed my comments ( btw I have nothing to do with the cover, my word !! )

    And here is the correct translation of both the backcover blurb + my comments ... well, perhaps not 100% correct, but I hope at least a bit better than babelfish products lol:

    "Un sentimento splendido" means "A wonderful feeling";

    Backcover blurb:

    A woman made for adventure. And now HE is her adventure.

    When she first meets rude Irish policeman Mick McCann, few moments are all what rich and famous photographer Timona Calverson needs to realise he is the only man she could lose her heart for. But Mick is conviced that they are too different and that they could never be happy together, so he tries to resist her in all possible ways. It will be up to Timona to convince him of the contrary – by all possible means.

    Note by MarchRose:

    It’s the debut novel of this author, set in New York at the end of 19th century, and it has received immediately a huge consensus both by readers and rewievers, granting KR large popularity and the RIO Award. Its follow-up is Somebody to Love (Qualcuno da amare), already published in this same series some months ago: however, the two novels are only slightly connected, therefore that they can be read independently without any problems.

    Readers from all over the world have been conquered by the protagonists of this original and enthralling story , who for once do not belong to aristocraticy: Mick is an Irish immigrant and earn his living working as a policeman, Timona is an intrepid a photographer and explorer , used to take her decisions very quickly... and she has just decided that what she wants is Mick! Their warm and witty dialogues, and the incredible sweetness of Mick, which was chosen by AAR as "the best 2004 romance hero ", make this novel fascinating and engrossing. By sure an author to keep an eye on for the next future.

    Hope this helps...

    take care, and thanks for your great novels !


  5. Oh that is so cool that you came by, MarchRose! !!!!!!

    Thank you for the great review, too.

    I really appreciate your translation, too. It is great, but not nearly as funny as babelfish. Online automatic translation is always good for a laugh.

    Actually, I like the line about him being her adventure than the original blurb on the English version....and I like that title better, too. Hmmmm. . . .


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