aya, again (or bragging about family, again)

I keep forgetting to up links to aya-chan's stuff, and she's fun, so now I will.

This is Morpha, a shortie. One of those cool morphing movies, but with pen and ink drawings. She's got an artist mom, an artist grandmom and it shows, says the proud aunt.

picture of the artist grandmom (who posed for Soyer in exchange for lessons):

This is Aya's ghost movie. No one draws a better outraged sparrow. No one.

She lists her cousins (my boys) in the many thanks part and I'm not sure what they did for the script except perhaps argue a lot in front of her. "Rabble of troglobites" and "jackanapes" seems like insults they'd use. When they get going, they tend to sound a little like text translated by google with a thesaurus thrown in for good measure. They also tend to have discussions about trees falling in forests and memories and unmemories.

I love the swimming squirrel.

These are her Harry Potter Deathly Hallow comix....that CONTAIN SPOILERS. They are pretty funny. I like "He's looking for a muffin" best.


  1. Aya is very talented.

    I've said it before . . . your mom had quite a rack.

  2. as I recall it was my mother's booty that you commented on. I think the picture was of her from the back.

  3. Evil muffin please!!

  4. Well, no small wonder she had a great rack, with booty like hers :)

  5. omg, that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! what an absolutely gorgeous woman, and the art...I can't say enough.


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