the last word on sponges

I asked Mike "Destroyer of Sponges" to look at the comments on bacteria, heating etc. Not for the mockery (I can manage that on my own) but for the science.

His note back about Dean's comment:

Quoted from pp 120-121 of my course textbook "Microbiology, A Human Perspective" by Nester et al, 5th ed, 2007:"Microwaves do not affect microorganisms directly, but they can kill microbes by the heat they generate in an item. Organisms often survive microwave cooking, however, because the food heats unevenly."

Terse only because he's busy grading exams. Generally speaking, there's nothing he likes better than discussing bacteria. His faves are shigella and e coli because he's worked on them. Oh boy! Yes, it's always fun to invite us over for dinner, particularly if you're serving salad, undercooked meat or anything with eggs. (Actually he's not likely to comment unless asked. But if you ask, you better really want to hear an answer)


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