SBD Four things

Some day I will read a book in which:

1. the first wife, now dead, wasn't an angel or crazy or a nymphomaniac killed on her way to meet her lover.

2. the first husband, now dead, had been a decent sex partner.

3. the hero will trust women no more or less than he trusts anyone else. Or maybe he'll be a push-over nice guy who assumes the best of the woman he loves. Huh? What's wrong with leaps of faith? Huh?

4. the hero and/or the heroine won't go all noble. he or she will pursue the other person even if he or she is not Worthy of Him or Her. (SW had the two extremes and I must say even I got sick of Mick's attitude)

Unfortunately on my vacation I did not read books that included these plot points.
I did read Julia Quinn's latest, the Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever.

I also read a whole lot of Terry Pratchett and he couldn't give a flying fuck about Relationships unless it's the undying loyalty The Luggage holds for Two-Flowers. I also started a Ngiao Marsh and she's sort of like Terry Pratchett in that she occasionally revels in being Clever.


  1. I can satisfy your book craving for #2. *g*

  2. 2. the first husband, now dead, had been a decent sex partner.

    I really hate that convention and it ties in to my whole feeling about soul mates and perfect matches. I don't subscribe to it in real life and rarely use that convention in writing. There are plenty of people you could happily spend your life with, plenty of people you can have adequate sex with. It doesn't take away from the match in a romance book to have memories of former lovers that are actually GOOD!

  3. I am guilty of #2. But Loretta Chase's Bathsheba in Lord Perfect had a good husband. I think she even mentions him having been a good lay.

  4. Oh how I do love Terry Pratchett. In a totally chaste way, of course.

    He does deal with relationships some in his (I think) latest, "Wintersmith." In which young witch Tiffany Aching discovers Boys, with nearly-fatal consequences for the whole world.

  5. Pratchett is God. (Still haven't decided if he's Blind Io or Offler the Crocodile God, though. Or maybe it was that one who accidentally got stuck in the form of a tortoise...)


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