1-- Yo, out there, Lynn, damn blogger and its commenting eccentricities But seriously, I need someone to kick my stories' butts into gear, and I'm not the one doing it.

2--We have guests still. Heh. Guests, can't live with 'em and have to go play with them while they're around. We just have one at the moment but we should get another in a day or two.

Who knew central Connecticut is such a hot spot? I think it's in part because I'm so rotten at leaving home. I'm the mountain, come to me, Mohammed, or maybe it's because

2.5-- central CT is a swinging hotspot.

Yowza! Hamptons and Hartford. Both begin with H, are two syllables, and are the places the fabulous people gather.

3--So do any of you have good closing rituals? I'm in dire need of one. When a book is done, when a part of life is over, when a friend moves away or something like it. I'm gerbil wheeling unless I can figure out a closing ceremony.

Maybe drinking a bottle of wine while a candle's burning and as soon as the candle goes out, either throw up or pour the rest of the wine on the ground, depending on how fast you drink. That seems ceremonial. I wish there was something I could throw off the deck.

3.25--Just noticed that #3 along with yesterday's entry makes me sound like I'm a constant tippler. Glug glug glug. If it weren't for the price of alcohol and the horrendous things it does to the liver and rest of the body, I'd consider the lifestyle.

3.75-- And then there's summer ending. I don't like that one either.


  1. Summer ending means you must go to the beach and snack on fresh summer fruit and (if you're in the Pacific) swim in the ocean until your fingers turn blue.

    If you figure out a good ritual for finishing a story/book, please share. So far mine is: 1) send manuscript 2) immediately reread story and discover every minute mistake I may have made. The wine thing sounds much more fun.

  2. I used to get sick-drunk as a closing ritual. I did this three or four times before I bothered asking myself WHY. Now I stop at one drink :)

  3. As to 3.75...even when it means the kids go back to school?

  4. I like Bettie's ritual better than yours, Doug. Except for her rereading the book ritual. I do that one all the time and it's just not very ....satisfying.

    rosie, back to school just reminds me of the time to come when they'll be grown and out of my house permanently and I'll be calling them, pleading with them to come visit their lonely old mother.

    That pseudo-empty nest lasts for a couple of days. Then, I'm ready to party hardy. I figure it's sort of like Braxton Hicks. Practice for what's coming.

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  6. uncontrollable sobbing? is that a ritual?


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